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HolisticBiz Coaching

Where Business Growth and Emotional Balance Meet!

What is HolisticBiz Coaching?

HolisticBiz Coaching is our answer to the frustrations that business owners and new entrepreneurs face as they seek to succeed in business.

Our services take the stress out of

obtaining assistance with your business endeavors. 

It takes labor to get your business started and

It takes nurturing to keep it going.

The last things that you have time for are scams

and high-priced ineffective processes!

HolisticBiz Coaching started as a non-profit endeavor,

that was funded by our social service endeavor (transitional housing),

with the sole purpose of helping to reduce the barriers that limit

small businesses' access to coaching and marketing.

Our Services Address:

Therapy Session

Stress Management

for those in business

Access licensed assistance for biz & emotional hurdles.


Private Seminars

for your team or small group

Create a Private Seminar for your specific business goals!

Jar of Coins

Grant Funding

for LLC's and Nonprofits

Funding Search and Grant Writing Assistance

Working on a laptop

Private Coaching 

Get 1 on 1 assistance.

Use Your Session for Strategy & Research.


Social Media 

Marketing Plans that work

Implement an effective online marketing plan

Urban Street

Real Estate Investor

Maximize Your Profits

No Turnover.

Low Maintenance. 

All Profit! Ask Us How!!

Artificial Intelligence

for small business growth

Private A.I. Strategy Session for your business goals.

Online Meditation

Website Construction

Websites in a timely fashion

Build a beautiful website for your business - Fast & affordably!

Man in Suit

Investors References

Request the password via the chatbox

Access licensed assistance for emotional hurdles.

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