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Why Choose HolisticBiz Coaching? 

Things To Know About Us

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We are always studying new practices to improve our services!

We conduct audience surveys periodically to gauge what our market is experiencing and how our market is feeling. Our surveys continually report that Fear is the number #1 hurdle respondents are having in business and in life. Then funding and access and so on... 

HolisticBiz Coaching is the only marketing and coaching agency run by a licensed clinical social worker, who has over a decade of experience assisting people with their business goals and overcoming life hurdles at all stages of their journey.


We hate Sales Pitches! Just like you!!!!

We believe there is a difference between marketing and a sales pitch. We market our services, so that you can know we exist.


Through  marketing we offer the product and services that you were already looking for in order to improve your business. Our services were more visible, maybe more convenient, or affordable, or personable with you and that is why you are here now, considering choosing us.


Our marketing is an introduction tour that we bring you along on as we meet and engage with new people, like yourself and your business, each day. 

We see marketing your endeavors as an extension of the endeavors we already engage in everyday. 

This allows us to make customer service a priority verses constantly trying to sell you something. 


We are a socially responsible company!

Our nonprofit, Firmly Established, Inc. is funded through Community Grants and Purchases like your own.


We utilize portions of the proceeds from all of our for-profit endeavors in order to undergird our youth and family services and our Holistic Coaching housing that provides stabilized rents in shared housing settings for social security recipients who make less than $1200 a month.


Some of the marketing services on this site are offered for free, to eligible parents who participate in our case management services. Everyone deserves access to business solutions. If they are willing to seek solutions, then we are willing to help them access the solution!


We are affordable for all entry points!


*Are you looking to get started in business but, you need help setting your entity set-up legally?


*Have you gotten started but, you do not have a website or a professional social media presence?  - Check out our entry level marketing services discounts.

*Are you in business and you want to take your marketing to the next level?

*Do you have "enough" customers but, you are ready for overflow?

*Or maybe you want to re-vamp and set yourself up for funding, sponsors and a wider audience? 

- Then stay on this site and check out our professional services for small to medium business owners.

Have you been unemployed for over 90 days and you need assistance?

- Check out our 501c3 nonprofit services!

If you are able - please consider making a donation.


We are 5 star Experts!


Creating this site for small to medium business owners is a new endeavor BUT, we started gaining business reviews under our umbrella, Holistic Coaching over  5 years ago. 

We currently hold only 5 star reviews for our first 6 months of having a dedicated google listing for our Biz Marketing Reviews. 

Our original Holistic Coaching reviews mean so much to us because these reviews came when we were working with people who were struggling to overcome addiction, recidivism factors, and serious mental health issues.

We worked with groups that some people consider to be the hardest populations to work with. Yet, we maintained 5 stars for over five years. 

We have clients who completely came off of their psychiatric medication, people who became business owners after getting clean and those from generational poverty gained the knowledge to get started in entrepreneurial endeavors they once thought were unreachable.


Although, these were clients many people considered undesirable, to us they were just people in need of information in order for them to walk in their innate purpose.

Above all else we pride ourselves in offering integrity based services, at affordable rates, to people who deserve to have success in business based on their sweat equity and not based on paying to become an affiliate in someone else's circle. 

Family at a Beach

Add over 10 years of Business & Marketing Experience to Your Business Endeavors.


So that you can be there when it matters most!

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