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Therapeutic Services
for Business Professionals

Getting Started In Business is usually the fulfillment of a life-long dream.

Many professionals can still remember when the learning, and the meetings... the hunt for leads and the accomplishment of a properly implemented strategy, were all part of a fun day.

Those who have been around their industry for a while may be more eager to remind themselves that retirement goals are closer this year than last year.

But, why?

Why can't business goals endure with the same enthusiasm as when the journey began?

Mainly, because you are not the same person that you were when you got started.

Think about your journey

When you started you may have been fresh out of college with energy... now you reserve the energy for mandated date nights with your spouse because work has overtaken your recreational aspirations.

~ or ~

When you started you had your parents, you had a new marriage or maybe you had a baby on the way... but, now you are caring for elderly parents, juggling a marriage and teenagers gone wild, while trying to balance business success.

Without Realizing It

Many professionals become "burned out". Their passion becomes a job. Their enthusiasm is replaced with routine and there becomes a need to re-set .... to figure it all out.


Holistic Coaching combines over a decade of business knowledge with social work interventions to provide you with the most comprehensive approach to addressing your emotional response to business and relationship hurdles.

Through our utilization of Short-term solution focused strategies we can help you figure out

the best way to balance them all.

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Clarity and Strategy Sessions Clear your mind, reduce your frustration and make decisions from a peaceful clear space.

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Alleviate Anxiety and Depression With short-term solution focused strategies that assist you with coping, reframing and strategizing how to maintain your joy.

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Stress Relief: Addressing Business & Relationship Conflicts. Dissect life stressors and how they affect you mentally and emotionally. Then develop a plan on how to balance the demands, while decreasing stress.

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Open Communication & General Business Coaching Let us discuss why people are getting on your last nerve and how effectively communicating your thoughts can bring peace to your emotional state.

Therapeutic Services for Business Professionals

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