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Over a Decade in the Housing Business


HolisticBiz Coaching - Real Estate Solutions for Investors

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Real Estate
Investor Solutions


The Smart
Owner Operated Investor...

Understands that Experience with properties, Experience with advertising, and Experience with people, are needed for a successful real estate portfolio. These qualifications are in addition to knowledge of real estate law.

A pertinent issue with not being able to understand people, is not being able to pivot properly when necessary. 

Stop loosing income.

Learn marketing and operational strategies to help you win in Real Estate no matter the social or political climate!

The Smart
Property Management Investor...

Understands that Management of properties is a dual mandate requiring a commitment to the owner and to the tenant. Sometimes their needs align, other times not.

Without intending to you find yourself being property manager, then you're the team leader, sometimes referee, the gate-keeper and the unsuspecting counselor.


One less unit calling you regarding small repairs, one less rental to worry about re-renting and not adding an extra expense for the help...

That's Holistic Coaching

Learn how to decrease turn-over and guarantee your monthly income by gaining access to our multi-faceted housing intervention that is suitable for a mixed-rental population.

How We See Helping In Real-Estate

See our Wheel of Stressors for
Traditional Rental Practices and Traditional Real Estate Investing

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Our Experience is Your Solution!

Our Experience - Your Solutions

Holistic Coaching has provided housing to some of


the hardest renter populations for the past decade.


Our Accomplishments:

~ Only 5 evictions filed in a decade ~ True 5-star rating on Google


~ Long-standing contracts with property managers and

owner operators


~ None of our owners lost money with us during the

COVID shut-down!


And these were our preliminary results!


We are still enhancing our service delivery!

Solutions for Property Managers

Property Managers have the dual task of keeping both the

tenant and the owner content.

It is like they have 2 grandkids with birthday parties on the

same day and both demand your attendance!!

How much easier would it be to have:

~ A dedicated community partner

~ Help with upkeeping the unit 

~ 24 hour admin assistance for the unit


~ A strategist consistently developing the best strategies to

keep the location headache free?

And it doesn't cost you extra... instead they even guarantee

to cover the cost of the unit....

This is just a peek at how Holistic Coaching assists

property managers!

24/7 Support

Clients and Investors 

can depend on Holistic Coaching to be attentive to their

needs and address their concerns based on the timetables

spelled out in our contract.

Reach Us At Anytime Using:

Social Media

Online Chat

(Your message comes to our phone!)


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Solutions for Property Owners

  Traditional Real Estate Investors start off with

a dream and often wake-up with a headache.

Overseeing Your Own Investment involves:

~ Dealing with the disruptive tenants

~ Loss of profits due to costly repairs

~ Extended hours working on evictions and

~ Solution seeking to decrease turn-over  


 Wouldn't it be monumental for your efforts to be fueled by

the same expertise that maintained profitability for


investors throughout the worst pandemic and economic

fallout of our generation!

Solutions for Renters

Unfortunately, for investors, renters are people. 

People often have 'situations'

~ The kind that keep them from being able to pay their


~ The situations that lead to you not receiving income!

Our Multi-faceted Holistic Coaching Intervention, when

applied to housing, assists renters of all types (high risk,

low risk, transitional level, & entry level renters) with

stability even when they have 'situations'. 

With the right proportion of mixed-use property types

clients do not have to be displaced and investors do not

have to loose money.